Snake game

I developed a clone from the retro snake game.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


I developed my first TailwindCSS project – a calorie calculator that allows users to calculate their individual calorie goals for weight loss, featuring a user-friendly design for easy navigation and data input.

HTML, TailwindCSS, JavaScript


I have built a food generator that is perfect for those who don't know what to eat. Leave it to chance by using my food generator, which will suggest a random food category for you.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


"I have developed a calculator that allows users to perform basic mathematical operations and conduct calculations conveniently within a user-friendly interface.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


"I've created a timer that enables users to set and track countdowns or intervals, providing a convenient tool for time management and productivity.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


"I, along with my class, have built a multitool that encompasses various scientific features, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of scientific applications.



Fligh is a Todo list that helps users organize tasks and manage their daily activities through a basic user-friendly interface.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


V1 represents my inaugural portfolio, serving as both my introductory showcase and my initial venture into web hosting.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


I have developed the TuneUP Music Player, a project that is not yet finished.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript